SoCal CAN advocates at the local, state and national levels for policies that increase college access and completion for underrepresented students. 

Advocacy Overview 

While the arrival of the global pandemic has significantly shifted the way higher education operates, the issues our students face as they navigate college during COVID-19 haven’t.  Financial pressures, the digital divide, the rise in anxiety and depression, and the persistent racial inequities existed long before the pandemic; they have only been exacerbated by it. Now, more than ever, the college access field is being called to stand with our students and families and demand change. 

This document summarizes our policy agenda for 2021-2022. Our network has identified four priority areas we’re seeking to influence in the years to come: college affordability, student well being, racial equity in higher ed, and support for undocumented students. SoCal CAN will continue to engage our member organizations, students, parents, and community members in key higher-education policy discussions on these topics at the institutional, state, and federal levels. We look forward to your partnership and collaboration to help us undertake the responsibility of shaping the future of higher education in California. Click on any of our four policy agenda goals to learn more!

From left to right: Bill Spokesperson Edward James Olmos, Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon, Executive Director Alison De Lucca, and Bodie Olmos

Throwback Spotlight: SB 1425

In 2013-14, our Executive Director Alison De Lucca participated in the Women’s Foundation’s Women’s Policy Institute. That same year, SoCal CAN co-sponsored our first bill – SB 1425 (Block) – with the Campaign for College Opportunity. The bill would have placed a degree tracking system in all of California’s Community Colleges. While the bill was held in committee, the experience has positioned SoCal CAN as an advocacy player at the state level and has prepared SoCal CAN to broaden our institutional advocacy efforts.