Our mission is to increase the rate at which underrepresented students access and complete post-secondary education.

 Formed in 2005, Southern California College Attainment Network (SoCal CAN) is an alliance of 118 organizations working together to support the college and career aspirations of over 200,000 students in the region.   


SoCal CAN holds the shared belief that no single program, organization, or institution alone can solve the educational inequities that exist in our communities. Collective action is necessary to achieve large-scale change.    In every aspect of our work, we create opportunities for our members to lead, collaborate, and advocate:


We share effective practices, stay abreast of the latest research, and lead in the implementation of solutions addressing the many challenges facing our students.


We encourage partnership among member organizations and actively seek opportunities to collectively address gaps in service with the aim of making high-quality college advising available to as many students as possible.  


We advocate alongside our students and families for policies and practices that support students in achieving their college and career goals.