These are collectively identified network priorities for the Southern California College Access Network. Our priorities evolve based on the needs of our students, our schools and our communities.  Each Action Community is made up of SoCal CAN network members and partners, that met on a quarterly basis to address these areas and move their strategic planning goals forward.


COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY – College Affordability is a Right

With the ongoing threat to Pell and Cal Grants, college affordability is a critical issue for students and families in California. Our network provides opportunities for our members to strengthen their financial aid advising efforts and knowledge. We advocate for increasing need-based aid to cover full cost of college and minimizing debt.

COLLEGE SUCCESS AND CAREER READINESS – Aligning Strategies for College and Career Success

The number of students enrolling in post-secondary education is on the rise, yet the challenges they face finding the support and resources they need to graduate remain significant. Our work increases our member’s expertise on college success programming and advocates for strong college completion policies. Through Level Up, our networked approach to supporting student success,  we support the efforts of our students to improve institutional and state policies and practices.

FAMILY ENGAGEMENT  – Family Partnerships for College Success

Involving parents and other caring adults in a student’s pathway to college is essential, especially for those who are the first in the family to go to college. We provide opportunities for members to strengthen their efforts to effectively engage parents and families in the college-going process.

UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS – Allies and Advocates in Support of Dreamers

Our network is an ally and advocate to undocumented students and students of mixed-status families. We focus on providing access to legal counsel, technical advice, financial information and updates to undocumented students. We align with their voice and speaking up with them through our network communications and advocacy efforts.

YOUNG MEN OF COLOR – Nurturing to Thrive Authentically

The growing inequality in college enrollment and degree attainment across both race and gender creates an imperative for us to support and advance the college dreams of young men of color. Our network provides avenues for partners and students to build authentic relationships, access mentorship resources, and build out the network’s expertise to more organizations, students, and sectors. We believe in equity, diversity and inclusion and building up the voices of our young men of color.