Support policies and practices that promote educational equity and remove barriers for students of color pursuing higher education.

The future of California relies on our ability to meet college attainment goals and workforce demands. And in order to do so,  we need to address educational outcome disparities by race. Equity gaps persist in enrollment, time to degree, transfer rates, and overall postsecondary attainment. Black and Latinx students are taking longer to graduate due to the lack of resources and opportunities offered to them. Black students take a median amount of five years and four months longer in comparison to their white counterparts. The Latinx population is the largest ethnicity in the state of California, but their educational attainment lags way behind their counterparts. Only 12% of California Latinx adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher. State and educational leaders need to address racial disparities in college access and success if we want our state to continue thriving. 


  • Advocate for a state educational attainment goal that builds on principles of racial equity.
  • Ensure there is greater alignment between university admission requirements and A-G requirements to ensure more students of color have the opportunity to enroll in college.
  • Support the implementation of reforms, such as remediation reform, that address inequities which disproportionately impact students of color.
  • Promote more diversity among staff, faculty, and administrators in order to better represent the demographics of student bodies.