Ensure undocumented students in California are encouraged and supported to pursue and complete higher education.

California leads the nation in supporting undocumented/DACAmented/DREAMer students to pursue higher education. In-state tuition, state and institutional financial aid, loan programs, fee waivers, and service-incentive grants are all available to undocumented students in California. However, according to a recent report “In Their Voices” by the Campaign for College Opportunity, the state’s educational attainment rates are lower than the national average. For example, 12% of undocumented adults over the age of 25 have received a Bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 15% nationally. Our state leaders have declared that supporting our immigrant communities aligns with California’s values. Yet the undocumented population continues to be a target of an adverse political climate that negatively impacts the rate of which undocumented students pursue higher education. Of the close to 100,000 undocumented students graduating from high school every year, 27% reside in California. We need to continue reinforcing the message that a college degree or credential is a viable, safe, and valuable path for undocumented students.


  • Continue to support the establishment of DREAMer’s resource centers/undocumented student resource centers across the state to serve as a one-stop-shop for student services and resources. 
  • Ensure legal services continue to be offered by colleges and universities to undocumented students. 
  • Advocate and prioritize support for undocumented students to pursue graduate degrees in lieu of limited employment opportunities. 
  • Urge for a permanent legislative solution to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented students.